Belstar Capital provides "turnkey" public works hospital and healthcare solutions.

Belstar has proven experience and know-how delivering healthcare public works construction projects of any size and scale. From construction of hospitals and distribution centers to staff training and equipment, Belstar provides a full range of solutions to fully deliver any healthcare development project.  

As an industry leader, Belstar ensures that the public works projects we undertake are ready for operation and service from day one. By paying special attention to each phase of a development project in everything from design and construction to staff training, Belstar provides integrated solutions for clients all under one roof.

Areas of specialty in turnkey healthcare construction:

Hospitals and Hospital Centers

  • Planning and consulting for hospital facilities and large-scale multi-phase hospital centers.
  • Development, construction, and delivery of "turnkey" hospitals of any size or specialty for public institutions throughout the world.
  • Development, construction, and delivery of "turnkey" clinics and medical centers of any size or specialty.
  • Equipment delivery, staff training and certification.

Distribution Centers

  • Logistical planning, development, and construction of distribution centers for medical and pharmaceutical products.

Medical Equipment

  • Analysis and planning of required medical equipment.
  • Sale and delivery of medical equipment of any size and use for hospitals, medical clinics, and mobile units.
  • Training and certification of staff on-site.

Consumables and Generic Drugs

  • Delivery, stocking, and distribution of medication, consumables, and other medical supplies to distribution centers, clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities.


  • Logistical planning, sale, and delivery of emergency ambulances and other medical vehicles.
  • Equipment training and certification of staff on-site.

Mobile Hospitals and Mobile Medical Units

  • Delivery and installation of mobile medical hospitals and mobile medical units ready for operation.
  • Training and certification of staff on-site.

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