Belstar Capital provides "turnkey" public works solutions in a wide variety of transportation related fields throughout the world.

From the planning and delivery of public transportation vehicles to integrated solutions for logistical management of transportation needs, Belstar offers a variety of solutions to fulfill the transportation system and equipment needs of clients.

Areas of activity in transportation industries include:

Public Transportation Buses

  • Planning and delivery of transportation vehicles including buses, mini buses, and more. 
  • Logistical planning, construction, and development of "turnkey" transportation systems including stations, maintenance facilities, equipment, and more. 
  • Staff training and certification on-site. 

Transportation Logistics

  • Integrated solutions for logistical management of transportation needs and equipment. 
  • Logistics management and transportation of goods via air, sea, or land.


  • Light rail metro systems.
  • Long haul rail systems and signaling infrastructure.
  • Supply of locomotives and other rolling stock.

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